It might not even be announced yet, but Samsung wants there to be a little bit of hype to be built up by the time they hit the stage at MWC to introduce us all to the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The device, which you can see in the above video at 0:20, has less curves than the original Samsung Galaxy, but will have much better features like a dual-core processor and better display technology. You can check out all the other specs of the Galaxy S 2 in our previous post. We can’t wait to see this and all the other great devices to be announced at Mobile World Congress.

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At 14 seconds in the video, there is a man in a sandstone underpass. Looks suspiciously like one of the underpasses for Eddy Avenue at Sydney’s Central station if you ask me.

Does this mean it’s coming to Australia?


Hey has anyone tried 2.2.1 on their Galaxy s? Is it as good as people make out?


Why are they so specific about 10 million? Infuriating marketing BS


Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy S devices. That’s why they mention the 10 million figure.

How is it marketing BS?


its not really as specific as say 10,403,500 devices sold.

10 million seems like a perfectly reasonable number to use.


Oh forgive my ignorance. I was annoyed because ’10 million’ is a fairly specific when talking about something as nebulous as ‘secrets’. But I see what they’re getting at now.

Still, BS is BS


Is it another case of promise the world & deliver a whole lot less.
My Galaxy S lags non stop.
2.2 was hailed as the be all, & yet what did we get ?
Why cant Samsung be more responsive & issue ‘updates’ when there is clearly a problem. We seem to just wait wait wait.


that showed us nothing about the new S2. thanks Samsung!


Look at 0:13 :}
I wonder if they did on purpose?


What am i supposed to be seeing?