Motorola don’t want to let LG have all the fun with its 1080p shootin’, dual-core powered device, so they have announced that they will enable 1080p video recording on their flagship device, the Motorola Atrix, after it has launched. We’re hoping it won’t take long for the update to be pushed out once the Atrix is launched here on *cough* Telstra *cough*.

Oh yeah, Motorola, can you please make the video recording quality better than the dodgey crap we’re seeing come out of the LG Optimus 2X.

Source: Android Community.
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Remind me of Dext, Backflip and Quench too..

hopefully they don’t post a joke like, ‘will remain on 720p video recording for the best combined hardware and software experience’ after launch.


i can’t see moto ever getting any of my hard earned cash


Just like the DEXT was getting 2.1?


Fuck off, *after* launch.. why not enable it before hand


im also wary of moto phones as they all have locked bootloaders (except droid1) real custom ROMS and updates are pretty much out of the question


I’m with you Zathras. Don’t get a phone based on promises of future improvements. If they were serious about producing a decent product it would have it enabled at launch.


I don’t believe Motorola will do this across the world. if at all.