Desire S
HTC Desire S.. it's 'new'.

Yesterday afternoon HTC announced a handful of ‘new’ phones. We say ‘new’, because to be honest, there’s not a lot that’s new about these phones – they look like last year’s models with a bit more lipstick, a bit more polish, but not much difference under the hood.

They do sport some new features though – variously they have slightly faster CPUs, more RAM, and greater battery life. Let’s have a quick look around the presser:

HTC Wildfire S

HTC Incredible S: Sporting a 4″ touch screen (480 x 800), a 1GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, and 1.1GB of internal storage, expandable via MicroSD. The real stand-out feature here is the 8MP camera, capable of 720p video and and accompanied by an LED flash. It has a front-facing camera also at 1.3MP which supports HTC’s new video chat app.

HTC Desire S: Much the same feature-wise – 1GHz processor, 768MB internal RAM and 1.1GB internal storage (expandable). It’s 130 grams of 2010 power, with a 3.7″ touch screen (480 x 800).

UPDATE: Apparently the Desire S will be coming to Australia via Telstra. See more details in our story here.

HTC Wildfire S: The original Wildfire was hardly a high-end Android, but it was good fun and fairly feature packed for a small device. This new iteration has a 320 x 480 display at 3.2″, but still only has a 600 MHz CPU.

HTC’s presser indicates these phones should be making themselves known around the world sometime in Q2 2011, so whether we’ll see them in Australia remains to be seen. The Wildfire S and Desire S are likely candidates.

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Lets hope Optus can get there hands on some decent phones such as these ?
This locking to one provider is FRUSTRATING !!!!


Mind you, having said what I’ve said below, if the Desire S is REALLY well built and feels deluxe in the hand…
Oh God! I can’t stand all this temptation!!!

Buzz Moody

These are the worst phones I’ve seen in my life. Way to make Sony Ericsson look good, HTC.


Wildfire S = Legend = Aria

How many times will they put out the same phone?


Meh, I’m sticking to my Desire Z for a while longer….

Chris Rowland

The Desire Z is a solid performer 😀


HTC; Hardly Technologically Competitive…


Lol, nice one.

Buzz Moody

100% true


Um, it looks like HTC didn’t bring a ‘top of the line’ phone to show off at MWC. Strange considering LG, Moto & Sammy are getting all the attention with these new high end specs:

1. Dual core processor.
2. 1GB Ram.
3. Min 16GB storage.
4. 1080p video capture & playback.
5. Kick ass new 4.0 – 4.5in screen technologies.

Edit: apologies to fans of Sony – who are actually making some hardware advances too. Have I missed any other major players?

Sad really because HTC’s software is considered by many as Android’s best.

Chris Rowland

Have to agree there – HTC’s lineup is entirely disappointing compared to what some of its rivals are doing.

Paul Snedden

Telstra have announced that the Desire S will be with them, hopefully not exclusively.

Chris Rowland

It probably will be an exclusive… the original Desire was.


Not much around in terms of enhancements for HTC, the other manufacturers at the convention must be giggling at them like high school children for their half arsed effort