Canadian telco TELUS had some interesting announcements yesterday, including the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G (what a mouthful), but this we don’t really care about – the Galaxy S variants are already available across all telcos here in Australia.

What’s more interesting is they’ve announced the Samsung Nexus S will be available on TELUS as well.

Why do we care?

Well, TELUS use the same network frequencies as AT&T and Telstra – which means this TELUS variant of the Nexus S will work with Telstra’s Next G network.

In terms of time, TELUS is looking to have the phone available from the end of March or early April. While this doesn’t mean a local launch on Telstra will occur, what it does mean is that intrepid Android adventurers will be able to import a Nexus S from Canada and have it work on Telstra here. Those who don’t want to import it themselves could order it from our mates at MobiCity, who have it on pre-order for $849.

Source: Phandroid.
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Arthur Koulianos

Me thinks that the S will much better than the Nexus did in Australia. I think it was far too early for android locally. Not looking to upgrade any time soon, but it might be a possibility next year. By then the Y will be out.

Mo Buksh

Hey when did that Nexus S competition close?