It was only 3 months ago that Google brought its Google Instant Search capabilities to mobile, and today they’re taking it up a notch by introducing Google Instant Previews. As the name suggest (and image above shows) it allows you to search the internet visually using Google. Search results include a screenshot of the site as well as the meta description and URL, with a simple press on the screen you’ll be surfing your desired sites. From testing it on my HTC Desire running Android 2.2, which is the minimum version of Android needed for this to work, there is no swiping between the sites, instead you have to press on the left and right arrows to see the previous and next results. These kinks may be worked out in the near future, but at the moment we’re liking the new visual approach to searching the net. Oh yeah, in typical Google style, there’s a video demonstration after the break.

Source: Google Mobile Blog.