Update: By the looks of the image, it’s not Telstra’s ordering system, but more their customer management/connection/activation platform. Which should mean, they are coming soon.

What have we here, Pocket Now has scored an image of Telstra’s ordering system showing the elusive HTC Pyramid and LG Star. The Pyramid is rumoured to sport a 4.3″ qHD (960×540) display which is the same resolution as the Motorola Atrix and powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. As for the LG Star, well that was the early codename for the LG Optimus 2X, so this bad boy just might be headed to a Carrier after all. So if you’re after a powerful, NextG capable device these might be worth waiting for.

You can also see there is a codename HTC Prime in the drop-down list. This isn’t an Android device, it’s an upcoming WP7 QWERTY-slider. If only they scrolled down that list further to check for some other amazing devices.

Source: Pocket Now.
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George Deka

Did you notice the HTC Saga is up there too????

Buzz Moody

Yep, that’s the Desire S that we already know is going to Telstra.



I searched google images for ‘Handset 38’ and found a variety of prospects: Various old wired handsets, Blackberrys, Samsung Galaxy S and even a Nexus S. This excites me greatly. 😛

I wish they took multiple screenshots so we could check for Motorola and Sony Ericsson devices.

Buzz Moody

I reckon!


Thought you may like to see this…
Not sure how factual it is… but interesting…

Dylan Waghorne

diggin’ the look.


I for one am looking forward to the launch of “Handset 38”.

It’s interesting Telstra have got the Optimus 2X listed as I didn’t think that was a NextG device……..

Buzz Moody

Handset 38 looks like the way to go.

Telstra have had NextG models of LG devices made before.