Yep, that’s right, today is our first birthday! It’s been a year since I was a bored 16yo starting up a little site to keep a small group of friends up to date with Android stuff going on in Australia. Boy how things have changed since then. The first day I launched the site, a whole year ago, I managed to work up 42 page views, a whole 42. I was overly impressed at my efforts back then, now when we hit 10,000 a day I give Chris & Lucas a pat on the back. So I thought I’d give you some stats and facts of what has occurred in the past 12 months.

  • We’ve had ~455,000 unique visitors
  • Almost 2,000,000 pageviews
  • We’ve gone through 4 different site designs
  • Chris joined me in September last year and has pumped out heaps of reviews
  • We’ve pissed off multiple Carriers (one more than the rest)
  • I’ve met some wonderful people in the tech industry
  • We have 1,500 Twitter followers and 850 Facebook likes
  • Our most viewed post is the Samsung Galaxy S review
  • Lucas joined us in early January and has written many great posts
  • We founded Ausdroid Pty Ltd to make it possible for us to do more cool stuff in the future
  • We started a Podcast
  • We crashed at least 2 hosting servers & 1 VPS, though have now settled down with Linode
  • We have hosted many great competitions with MobiCity, Gameloft, NDrive & Vodafone, with many more to come

We have many people to thank, but firstly I’d like to thank Chris & Lucas for being the 2 greatest guys to work with, and I hope they’ll stick around with me into the future. A quick thank you for Matty Booth and Geoff Fieldew whom take part in the podcast and keep me busy on Twitter. I’d also like to thank MobiCity, in particular Alistair, for their continued support not just with review units, but also advice in the early days and offering a site to post on whilst I crashed the server and lost all our data temporarily. Also on the thanking list are Mr Gadget (Arnold) and Neerav Bhatt who have been very supportive since the early days. There are many more that need thanking, but I don’t want to right a massive list, so I thank anyone who has been a part of the site. Last, but certainly not least, Chris, Lucas & myself really want to thank you guys, the readers. Without you this site wouldn’t exist in the capacity it does now, so thank you for being a great group of people to write for and to have a conversation with in the comments. Ausdroid Readers are by far the greatest individuals on the Internet. Let’s keep this party going for another year!

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    gratz, i found you guys with a month old n1 in my hand and was glad to have some aussie fanboys sharing the excitement. look forward to a year of multicore and tablet news!


    I’ve just opened the box .How do I take the back off to put the battery in? Please


    Congratulations guys. Great stuff. Hope to see a lot more of you around.

    David Anderton

    Well done guys, been with ya from the beginning and will continue to join you guys as long as google keeps on improving on this fantastic OS


    Congratulations! We share a birthday!

    I, however, am a bit older than one…


    Congratulations and all thanks for keeping this website going. With all your school work and other stuff going on in the background, I appreciate all the effort you and your team has put into this.

    May this site grow from strength to strength.


    Congrats and Happy Bday Ausdroid~~


    Congratulations and a Happy Birthday.
    I think I have been a reader of your site for at least 10 of those 12 months.
    Keep up the good work and quality guys and I look forward to using this site as my primary resource for my next android purchase


    Happy birthday.


    Congratulations. Nice work guys.

    Here’s to many more years of Ausdroid. Cheers.


    A successful website to come out of parky!


    Happy B’Day Guys 🙂

    Daniel Beckitt

    Congrats guys. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. So great to have an Australian site – I visit regularly, even though I’m not in the market for a new phone for quite some time.

    Keep up the great work.


    Congratulations to ausdroid team, keep up the good works


    Happy 1st birthday to Ausdroid. Congratulations to Buzz for starting this site and to him and his team for for the ongoing success. Great to have an Aussie dedicated site. Always enjoy your sense of humour Buzz.

    Ilija Vrtaric

    wow…. a year already! nice work guys! looking forward to another great year…. can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂


    congrats guys…. only seems like yesterday I found the site, whilst looking for APN details

    Raulan Grajewski

    Congrats and Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    George Deka

    I wanna hear the stories about the pissed off carriers

    Buzz Moody

    Maybe at the Ausdroid Meetup. Shhh 😉


    congratulations! Even after I got my phone I still follow you!


    Great to see Ausdroid having its first birthday.
    The birthday treat in the pic should have been made from the versions of Android that have been released over the past year.

    R Fardian

    Horre… go android….

    geoff fieldew

    Woo hoo! Go Ausdroid. It’s been an awesome first year to watch the interest in Australian Android related news grow so quickly. I believe even bigger & better things are ahead in the next 12 months. Well done Buzz, Chris & Lucas!


    Well done guys, never heard of Android till I stumbled across your site… now proud owner of desire 2:2, haPpy days! Just converted the Mrs from here old apple to a droid as well…


    Happy birthday Ausdroid!


    Well done – particularly to you Buzz for starting Ausdroid. Just remember who was there at the beginning when you are handing out freebies 🙂

    Lucas Burnett

    Its because of you guys we do this, so a big thank you to all our readers. Your the best!!!


    Thank you, Lucas! But YOU’RE the best! NO, REALLY!!!

    Rane Bowen

    Nice one guys, I’ll keep coming back! 🙂


    Congrats guys. Really awesome site and hope to see you around for a while.

    Dylan Waghorne

    On ya buzz (and the team), you guys deserve the success.

    ive only been here about 7 months 😀 i still remember the LG eve comp, now youre giving out nexus s’s.. youve come a long way.



    Matt Booth

    So much progress in a year, looking forward to many more, congratulations