Well there you have it folks, Samsung’s 8.9″ Tablet, or Galaxy Tab 8.9, is indeed as thin as people thought it would be, 8.6mm to be exact and only 470grams. It also comes packed with dual-core CPU clocked at 1GHz, though it doesn’t say whether that will be Tegra 2 or Exynos, a WXGA (1280×800) capacitive display and dual-band Wi-Fi b/g/n. There is currently no pricing or availability, but they are expected to be announced officially tomorrow at CTIA.

Source: Samsung Hub.
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Update you guys: Samsung Hub claims both the 10.1 and 8.9 will be “rocking” TouchWiz UX. Haha. But they also say that both tablets have microSD slots (contrary to what I read somewhere else). Dunno. But with TouchWiz in some areas, Samsung successfully replicated iPad look with a 6-icon dock. Samsung’s hardware engineers are incredible but their software counterparts are simply lacking inspiration.


The main spec I’m interested in is whether this will be the first of samsungs tablets to be rocking those large SAMOLED displays they were showing off on a prototype galaxy tab last year.


Highly doubt that. They were planning on cutting costs to match with iPad.


now all we need is support for quad band 3g and hopefully micro sd card support(are u listening Samsung?) and it will be 8.9 FTW


Great! Can’t wait for some reviews before making decision which one I should buy (Xoom, GT 10.1 or 8.9).


Hmm, I’m not up with my tablet info, so is this the direct competitor to the iPad 2? ie, the cheaper tablet offered by Samsung?

Because I remember hearing that Samsung were worried about Apples low prices for the iPad 2.