With Samsung going ahead with the launch of their two variants of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, we thought we’d help you out determining the difference between the two (spoiler alert: the image above shows it all). The variant being launched in Australia through Vodafone is dubbed the 10.1v as opposed to the 10.1. The 10.1v is slightly smaller in terms of length and width but is 10.9mm thick, whereas the 10.1 is a paper-thin 8.6mm. The 10.1v also has a 8MP rear-facing camera capable of recording 1080p video at 24fps, whereas the 10.1 only has a 3.15MP camera snapping 720p. You’ll also see in the photos below that the 10.1v (always on the right) has a different rear design and the placement of the display is easier to see. We’re not 100% sure on this but apparently the 10.1v will not be fitted with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay atop of Honeycomb.

For a more in-depth look at the differences, be sure to check out GSMArena. If you had to choose, which one would you go for? For me it’s the 10.1v.

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Stan lee

I love it when people say samsung needs their own ideas. look at this thing. it’s thinner lighter than anything else and you think for a single second no idea or planing has gone into building it that well?. stupid ignorant people.

If i recall they had this very version hidden away in glass when they revealed the SGSII ? correct.


If I wanted a pocketlint review, I would have went to pocketlints website!!

Buzz Moody

They why didn’t you?


Your comment is a nice way to treat a reader, infact I think your right. I should be going elsewhere if your going to rip and steal content and not give credit from your ‘sources’


What sort of comment would you expect if you act like an ass?


@Brian – Site owners should take the higher road…. and ‘stealing’ pocketlint photos without credit is in poor form, regardless of how you look at it.


Buzz, what’s your reasoning for choosing the 10.1v over 10.1?

Buzz Moody

I prefer the look of the 10.1v, also the 1080p shooter.

Not having MicroSD doesn’t fuss me in the slightest.


Cheers, think I prefer the 10.1 then. Cannot picture myself using this as a camera. Sgs2 definitely, but these tablets are too big.


I lack of a SD card slot is the killer for me too.
Am I right in thinking that either of these will run on the Telstra NextG network?


Yes, apparently they work on all networks.

3G Network HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

Telstra = 850 for next G
Vodafone/Optus use 2100
Optus was looking using 900 also.

Both models seem to cover all bases.


Vodafone is 2100+850


“Optus was looking using 900 also” – Incorrect, optus does use both 900 and 2100, 2100 in the metro and 900 in the country


It looks to be the 10.1 for me if I had to choose between the 2.
SD Card a must for me. Not planning to take video/photo with the tablet much so rear camera fine at 3.1mp.

It’s also funny that in Audio Codecs the 10.1 does OGG where as 10.1v does AC3/FLAC but not OGG?

The new Wiz interface thing could be good.


I can’t believe that Samsung managed to turn around after the iPad 2 reveal and make the 10.1 thinner and SD card just like that.

I’m not too fussed about the camera. It’ll be much easier controlling a Galaxy S II than either of the tabs, and the SGSII has the 8mp camera and 1080p video recording. Samsung’s TW overlay doesn’t bother me either.

10.1 for me it looks like. No announcement on the pricing though, right?


What about the fact that VF is launching only a 16gb version and it has no SD card slot.
This has turned me off this version.

Mikhail Cass

I really like them both. Even though I almost settled on the 10.1v I think I will reserve my next tablet purchase for something with “Scribe Technology” or similar.

Benedict James

Wow that is quite the difference in thickness. For me, not having an sd card slot is the deal breaker, I don’t want to have to plug in the Tab every time I wanna transfer stuff (movies, music, tv, comics, books etc..)

Question is: Will we even see the 10.1 in Australia?

Benedict James

Though I must say having a vanilla build of Android is very tempting. 10 to 1 says that the v will get updated before its newer brother.

Benedict James

Though I must say having a vanilla build of Android is very tempting. 10 to 1 says that the v will get updated before its newer brother.


I do have a concern about the 8.6mm 10.1. Because they’re basically compacting the existing tablet into a smaller space i’m concerned that it hasn’t gone through the rigorous testing that it should have. I mean; one of the big tech killers is heat buildup from a battery… and that sort of problem only arises after months of heavy use.

I may just be a little paranoid but they’re my thoughts.


Nice to see them side by side.
Well, I would’ve assumed that the thicker one would have the microSD slot. A bit disapointing that only the thin one does.

Thats a big point for me otherwise i would have gone for the 10.1v. I don’t mind it being thicker than an ipad or having a less powerful camera.

But then again, i’m more looking forward to the 8.9″ Tab. I’ve played around with the 10.1v and it was fantastic, but a bit like carrying around a lcd monitor.