Well hello there HTC launch invitation, what have you got in store for us? Well come April 12th we’ll certainly know for sure, but for now we have our hopes set on official announcements for the HTC Pyramid and GSM variant of the EVO 3D. Seeing as though the launch event is happening in London, we can only hope that whatever is launched there will finally make its way down south. In the case of the dual-core toting Pyramid, Telstra will surely make an announcement as soon as it’s launched, along with the Wildfire S. As for the EVO 3D, HTC France made an announcement via Twitter that they would receive it in the near future, and as they run on 2100MHz and 900MHz UMTS over there it means on Voda and Optus could go for it here. We’ll find out for sure soon enough, exciting!

Source: Engadget.
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Hopefully, they will give us some information on their rumoured 10 inches tablet.