In Google’s latest earnings report, they give a little insight into the statistical world of Android. They make note of 350,000 Android device activations worldwide each and every day (over 127 million a year), which obviously includes Phones, Tablets and other unspecified devices. Though we can’t comment on how many of those are Australian, as we have no idea, I’d say we’re certainly not in the majority, for now. The Big G also highlights that there are more than 3 billion Applications installed from the Android Market on devices in total, which is quite a fair effort. Keep kicking Goals, Google.

Source: Engadget.
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Just watching an American baseball game this morning and noticed that quite a few people in the crowd looks like that they have one android phone of some kind. I didn’t notice many iPhones if at all.

Taking about apps, has anyone seen this one yet: It’s a pretty fun game 🙂


Sorry, I meant to add that the game is called Outbreak: Zombies Apocalypse.

Dylan Waghorne

could be a windows phone


That is insane. 350,000 every day is an incredible achievement.

But I don’t think Android is too popular in Australia. Everyone here has an iPhone and whatever isn’t an iPhone is considered an inferior. Android just simply doesn’t have that mainstream appeal here.

Shame really. We never see any Android phone adverts. I mean if HTC, Samsung started advertising their new dual core beasts here, I’m sure it would make a dent in iPhone’s image.


Huh? I know about as many Android owners as iPhone owners now, and I’ve seen plenty of carrier ads this year where they tout Android as a reason you should sign up for the sweet new phone on offer.

Jake Oliver

Yeah same. A lot of iphone owners get pretty jelous when you show them some of android’s features. You know, like widgets, swype, wireless tethering etc.


there maybe a lot of iphone as most of them are in 2 year contract. Once contract is off a lot of them will be switching two android to keep up with the latest trend.
If you upgrade to iphone4 in the next few months, might as well go to the latest android, iphone 4 is too 2010.