You know a device must be coming or already exists when their firmware is leaked to the web. XDA Developers have found a mystery Motorola Atrix firmware on a Russian website that turns out to be for the Telstra Motorola Atrix. There’s very little you can do with the file as it can’t be opened an examined, though some XDA Developer Forum members have managed to flash it onto their 850MHz Atrix’s in the US. I think we know what’s coming on the 5th of May now.

Source: XDA Developers Forum.
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Jake Oliver

“There’s very little you can do with the file as it can’t be opened an examined”
There are heaps of .SBF depackers! Unless it is encrypted that is. Also, there’s no reason one of the US Atrix users couldn’t dump the rom.

Byron Dickens

Don’t think I will be buying one based on the fact that Moto have kept the boot loader locked and there is no foreseeable solution at this point and time. There are people working on it but their findings are no longer public info until they have something concrete. Considering the original eFuse based bootloaders remained locked I think I will be grabbing the G2X when MobiCity get it.


i’m completely new to Android, but what is the practical use for an unlocked bootloader? i know it’s a means to installing custom firmware, but what do you get out of that?

Byron Dickens

Think of it this way… When you buy your phone and use it off the shelf you’re using it as a ‘Guest’ account… Unlocked bootloader and root permissions gives you full ‘Administrative’ rights to your phone… You can install custom ROMs and apps that require SU permissions.

Even though you’re new to Android I am sure you’re heard of CyanogenMod. You cannot install CyanogenMod on a device with a locked bootloder.


unlocked bootloader means users can root there phones


Woohoo! Now it remains to be seen how much unnecessary crap they install on it.

Either way, I’ll have a new phone in a few weeks methinks!