According to the tip we just received along with the above picture, the LG Optimus Black is expected to land at Optus in June, which is a change of heart from the expected May release date we were previously given. The tipster also said the LG Optimus 3D, which is an absolute powerhouse, is expected to launch in July. There’s no confirmed pricing on either device, though it was stated that the Optimus Black would launch on a cap plan between $49 to $79 dollars. We would like to see the Black on the former and the 3D on the latter if that’s the case.

The Optimus Black is an 9.4mm thick device running Android 2.2 (though upgradable to 2.3) that features a 4″ NOVA display which is meant to be much brighter than the average display. The Optimus 3D is a dual-core, dual-channel, 3D-shooting monster, which has a 4.3″ display and TI OMAP 4 CPU.

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David Anderton

If you access the Allphones mobile website the Optimus 2x is still showing in the LG showcase as coming soon.

David Anderton

what does this mean for the Optimus 2X? Is it still coming out this month????

Buzz Moody

The latest we heard is that it was canned by the carriers. Maybe it will be sold in retail stores.

David Anderton

Damn that sucks, looks like i’m getting the HTC Incredible S. No dual core 1080p goodness for me 🙁


Optus finally has a phone to look forward to. While the Xperia PLAY and Arc have the potential to be popular, their C/GPU is nowhere near as powerful as the Optimus 3D’s TI OMAP 4 (which should be faster than the Tegra 2, according Anandtech’s preliminary testing). Plus, the 3D effect on phones might become really popular. Might.