Optus are really getting in on this Tablet competition thing. They’ve worked out that if you can’t make the device any cheaper, just give it away to willing Business Men & Women for free with their new Incredible S. So if you’re in possession of an ABN and pre-order the HTC Incredible S on any of Optus’ Timeless Advantage Business Plans ($99 & $129), you’ll receive a My Tab for ‘free’. I don’t know any people who would actually get the Incredible S just for the My Tab instead of getting something classier, but hey, the offer is there. If those plans are a little too much for you, the Incredible S is also available for $0 on the $49 Business Plan. Hit the source link for all the details.

Source: Optus Business - Incredible S.
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Hey sorry cant see where to contact on my phone. Acer iconia tab is dropping early may at my store. Review or thoughts? Dual core tegra honeycomb full usb from what I saw. $567…

David Anderton

come on Virgin announce this phone already!


I bought that ZTE optus branded tab and yes this is all it should be used for a free toy to give away free with REAL phones. I found no use for it personally, at lest i only spent 300 bucks on it and not 900 on a gen one galaxy tab to find out i don’t need a tablet


Any chance you found out how to move apps to your sd card?