You might remember Millennius from the review I did of their Android smartphone, the Apanda A60. However Millennius isn’t just selling phones, they have 3 Android Tablets which they’ve just lowered the price of. The devices are running Android 2.1 instead of 2.3, which may seem a little bit lame, but you’ll find the budget Tablet from Optus, the My Tab, is also running the same outdated version of the OS. The SmartQ N7 is the same size as the Telstra T-Touch Tab and Optus My Tab, though it has a capacitive display over a resistive display (win!) and a mini-HDMI port to boot. With the prices of these low-end Tablets getting cheaper and cheaper, there’s always a good buy out there.

Source: Millennius - Online Store.
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You can buy capacitive multitouch screened tablets with 1ghz cortex A8s for ~$250 quite easily if you know where to look.


why would u even listen to those scum bags that want things for $5??????????

sounds like your keeping a close eye on millennius.. interesting, might let them know


They got completely smashed by the community when Millennius tried to post that on OzBargain over the weekend. In summary — don’t bother.


these are pretty good deals. I have played with the n7 from my cuzn and i have the t7 but we got them at old prices.

They are pretty good quality and we have played with the samsung which is more expensive, optus, telstra tabs are not good at all.

S ji

Spend $100 on these rubbish ? Might as well get galaxy tab with flash

Dylan Waghorne

galaxy tab > these

even if its another 100 bucks