Following on from the rumour post yesterday, regarding the Xoom, the Atrix and Optus. Delimiter has reported that Optus, are in fact going to be taking the Xoom starting June. This leaves the Atrix tied up in a exclusive agreement with Telstra, my guess is for three months.

This means the three major networks in Australia, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra, now have 10 inch, Honeycomb driven tablets at their disposal. Let the games begin I say. Pricing is still yet to be announced, when it is, be sure to check in with us, as we will report on it for sure.

One question I have, is how much stock do Optus have of the Galaxy Tab 7″? I would have to say, quite a bit, don’t be surprised to see it hit Optus pre-paid at a price point very similar to Telstra’s $299, very very soon.

Source: Delimiter.
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Hopfully optus pricing will be better than telstra for the xoom!


Hope they put gingerbread on the optus version


The Xoom runs Honeycomb which is the tablet version of Android.


Good Gear Guide is saying that the Atrix will be non-exclusive from July ( They don’t list a source so there isn’t any way to know but it’s still worth noting. (Sort of.)