Those of you who are regular readers know that we don’t tend to focus on Telco offers all that often here at Ausdroid. In our reader survey, you told us that news and reviews were your favourite topics, and plan news / telco offerings were not a huge priority for you.

However, when I caught wind of this today, I thought I’d love to share it with you. We know you love a bargain, and this sounds (almost) too good to be true. For heavy users of data and calls on your Android devices, you’ll like this.

From today, Amaysim will be offering one of the best deals we’ve seen – and I’ve been watching phone plans for over ten years. At a press event this morning, Amaysim announced their new ‘cap-killer’ plan. ┬á

For $39.90 a month (with a minimum one month commitment), you’ll get:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited voicemail
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • 4 GB of data, with excess data charged at 5c per meg, or 1GB blocks for $9.90

Customers will receive SMS alerts at 75, 90 and 100% of their monthly usage to ensure that data usage isn’t gobbled up too quickly. Of course, everything has fine print these days, and these kind of calls are not included in the unlimited usage:

  • 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Premium SMS
  • Video calls and Satellite calls
  • Call diversion

Amaysim uses the Optus network, which means (as we’ve found) your mileage may vary, however a large number of you use Optus for your carrier, so it can’t be all that bad. For this price, it certainly presents an appealing option. Are you tempted by options like these? Tell us in the comments.

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    I used to have a Boost sim and i always used the $40 unlimited but the carrier got changed to optus recently and i was still able to use the $40 dollar unlimited. Last week i got a new phone and it came with an optus sim and for some reason i cant use the $40 unlimited deal anymore. Why is that?


    So, why doesn’t’s $35 for 4 GB offer win your hearts?

    Also, are there any Data-Only offers, ie, that might offer even -more- than 4 GB of data (but NO calls) for an even LOWER cost / mon?

    Let us know… ­čÖé

    Caroline in Sydney

    I agree completely with rocket scientists comments. I had been with Vodafone for years and on their unlimited plan at the cost of 129+gst per month. This unlimited plan didn’t include 1300 or 1800 numbers and my bills were generally well over my cap. I switched to Amaysim 2 months ago and can’t recommend theHm highly enough. Their customer service is also fantastic, I lost my sim card (it was posted to me), they were so helpful and the staff are Sydney based. I pay 39.99 a month for their unlimited plan which includes voicemail & 1300 & 1800 numbers… Read more ┬╗

    AntiFraud Watcher

    ┬áI am looking for a new ISP and found Amaysim’s promise very appealing. However, before going further I would really love to know how Amaysim plans on delivering what it promises when using the Optus network? Optus can’t even provide what Amaysim is promising. Optus have a fraudulent coverage map that is as phony as a $15 bill. Just because someone paints ‘Mercedes’ on the side of a broken down old VW does not make it a Mercedes. I have emailed Amaysim and got no response, hmmm, not a good sign. Again, I would love to know how Amaysim intend… Read more ┬╗

    Amaysim rocks

    Amaysim is fantastic, our house of 3 all use it, we have cut off our landline and Internet and tether. We love amaysim and won’t leave.


    Have just joined on the pay as u go plan for 20 bucks. im a moderate to low user mainly calls and text. Well after week 2and half im down to my last 1.40. Yeah the plan expires in 3 mths but u have to make 20 calls a month to make it last the distance. amaysim is all hype and litlle substance.

    rocket scientist



    Amaysim MMS stil doesnt work on the HTC Desire

    Kim Jackson

    MMS might not work but you can always e mail it to whoever your MMSing.
    Same deelio really just different format.


    Have found that the internet connection when well used closes off mobile cell communication requiring a powercycle. actually had an earlier sim die completely. Am considering asking for a refund and going to boost which is also on theoptus towers. Amaysim i understand uses a portal on the optus network: great coverage, but i don’t like needing to reset the phone particularly while tethering. Otherwise it’s been good.


    Hi there everyone.
    I’m reading reviews about Amaysim and wondering if to change over to them or not.
    just for some of yous may not know that yet that they have now included 13 & 18 numbers in their unlimited numbers.
    so you may like that.

    thanks all for comments and reviews.


    The 1MB blocks eat up wour cap quickly if you remain tethered for any amount of time.
    For what is otherwise a good deal and no “hidden costs” this is something of a ripoff

    USB 3G Viettel

    I must say I really  like it. Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.

    Gerald Tan

    Have been on the plan now for a month and I’m glad to report no issues with the reception whatsoever. I do agree that I was a little suprised that the 13 and 1800 numbers weren’t included (didn’t read the fine print, silly me), but the main selling point is that for me is the 4GB of data you get for this price! The data speed is excellent too – i’ve been tethering my laptop with no lag at all (due to a major screwup by iinet regarding my broadband, but that’s another story for another day…)

    Kim Jackson

    1300 & 1800 numbers are inclusive with $39.90 unlimited and are 0.29c per min on the $19.90 flexi plan.


    more than tempted. i was with TPG but this beats it. if you are in a city, optus is fine.
    its about time someone blew this cap myth wide open for the rip off it really is. you are paying for your handset one way or the other and the call rates are crap with the old system. me, i like to own my habdset and have no ridiculous contract. compared to the resty of the world we have been ripped off.


    Connected my wife to this plan. . . Bloody amazing best plan out there. I know. . Ive tried the others and this is a clear winner.

    Mad Mick

    This isn’t a bad deal IMO.

    The only issue with this is the 13, 1800 numbers which are charged. I’d say go with Boost mobile. For $40 per month you get the same perks of unlimited calls + text but you also get 13, 1800 included (unlimited) much better deal at 5cents extra ­čśë – p.s Boost uses Optus towers also… the only bad thing is that you get 3GB instead of Amaysim’s 4GB per month.

    Optus charges in 1MB increments… which might explain why their internet speed is so sluggish…

    Kim Jackson

    As have been mentioned several posts ago 1300 & 1800 are free to unlimited.
    And are charged at 0.29c a min on $19.90 flexi plan.


    This comment is about amaysims plans in general not just the unlimited. I’m on the Optus $19 BYO cap which gives me $150 worth of ‘credit’ per month. I calculated the average amount of calls, texts and data I use and popped it into the amaysim savings calculator and actually found that amaysim would charge me on average $20.50 a month. So Optus saves me $1.50 minimum per month and I have the option to use my phone a lot more and still pay the $19. I don’t see why cap plans are crap compared the the amaysim ‘pay as… Read more ┬╗

    Phill Edwards

    Yeah, that’s a good deal alright. But as someone else pointed out if the min data blcok is 1MB that chews data up pretty fast. I’ve just signed up for onto TPG’s Heavy plan at

    You’re not locked into a contract, calls are charged in 30 second blocks and from what I can see data is charged in 10kb blocks which may be too good to be true but that’s what it looks like. Anyway, it’s also a good deal.

    Almost French

    Can I keep my Vodafone number if I switch to Amaysim? Do I need to sign up with them prior to disconnecting to Vodafone?

    Phill Edwards

    Mobile number portability rules mean you can port your number over to Amaysim. It should happen as part of the sign-up process. Remember though that if you’re still under contract with Voda you’ll have to pay out the rest of the contract (sorry if that’s stating the obvious!)


    You can pay an extra fee to bring your new number with you


    Chris, do you know whether or not this deal involves free voicemail, or would checking voicemail cost more?

    Chris Rowland

    Voicemail is free apparently. I’ll update the post.


    For $40 with Boost (also with Optus) you get unlimited calls + 3 gb of data. That’s the plan I’m on now. so the difference is only 1 gb extra.


    I agree, have been with boost and amaysim and boost is the winner hands down. Boost is same but u get the 13 and 18 numbers included and also 50 dollar bonus credit toward international or whatever.
    The one gig less net isnt an issue given the extras you get with boost.

    I changed back to boost from amaysim this week cause of the 13 and 18 issue.


    in addition to my reply, i heard amaysim now does the 13 and 18 numbers now as well and was going to change back to amaysim for the extra 1 gig of internet because i seem to be no longer getting the 50 dollar bonus from boost. a friend visited who has same phone but is on amaysim and we both downloaded the speedtest app and compared our internet speedtest results, mine boost and his amaysim. the results were why i am staying with boost. he was consistantly getting about 800 ms ping time and 350 kbs net speed at… Read more ┬╗


    Excellent deal from Amaysim. It’s good to see unlimited plans being released by a few providers, and at enticing prices too. It should stop most of the ridiculous bills that came from Capped plans with high call rates. And finally we’re starting to see some decent data allowance included too – 4GB is super! It was only a few years ago that 100MB cost $129 per month…

    And now for a plug – if you’re interested in getting Amaysim, you can also support your favourite school at the same time at SchoolBuy:┬á



    Great deal but I’m already with amaysim and don’t use more than 30bucks a month anyway. As for network coverage, I’ve not had any problems probably because I’m an inner city cat ­čÖé


    What method of charging is done for the data, seen in the past its 1mb blocks (not sure how often the blocks are updated). Its why I avoided them at the time


    They had a 1MB block size last time I checked. If that is the case, then 3GB
    will not last long with push notifications and data sync. I’m not quite
    sure how long a session last, but if we assume 15 mins of inactivity resets a
    session, then 4 sessions an hour means 96MB a day = 2.88GB a
    month ! Don’t be fooled by that huge data allowance, ┬áeffective usable
    amount is much less (with data sync). Nevertheless, that plan is pretty interesting. 

    Kim Jackson

    I have recently just finished my unlimited a few days ago and with all notifications data sync and surfing, and I have a lot of apps on iphone 4 and tethering my ipad to it as wellI didn’t use any more than 650 mb but also due to the fact I have unlimited Internet at home, so don’t be concerned with 1 mb block increments because I didn’t see any effects and I used it as how I would usually use it and still didnt reach 4 gig. So I ended up going down to the $19.90 flexi plan which… Read more ┬╗


    “1300 and 1800 numbers”

    Why do these numbers always get excluded? It’s BS. These numbers are┬ádeliberately┬áset up so people can access national services without incurring charges (or only charged at local rates), then these mobile phone companies come along and ignore the reasoning behind it.


    No cameron. Those numbers were setup for free or set price calls for HOME PHONES. No company have any obligation to provide these at set or free rates. And by law this was all done before mobilesnbecome so popular.

    And if you weren’t aware, other companys now include these in their unlimited plans… case and point everyone favourite, Telstra. May I suggest checking your terms and conditions before assuming false facts.


    No they were set up as “free call” numbers. The INTENTION was to provide numbers that people could call without incurring excessive charges. What it has turned into is a farce.


    Actually, from what I believe, the 1300 and 1800 are charged at a local call or free call, respectively, because the company which offers those numbers subsidise or pay for the cost of the call, rather than you. As calls to mobiles are more expensive, they choose not to pay those calls, but rather only landline calls. Obviously there are some 1800 numbers which are genuinely free, but for 13 numbers to banks for instance, the call charges are largely subsidised by the bank itself.
    So I can’t see how there is a ‘farce’ here??


    FYI, Family Drug Support (support for anyone affected by drugs, or another’s use of drugs) has a -particular- 13-number, that costs $ 0.25 no matter how long you stay on the phone.

    (The idea is: Subsidise these calls, which can [sometimes] save lives; the calls are taken by volunteers, trained to help people work through their issues of the moment, &, often, some pretty -intense- emotional responses to them)


    Many┬ácompanys with a 1800 or 13 number also have local numbers that you can find and dial to anyway, which beefits the company as they don’t have to subsidise the call and you don’t get additional charges if you use the amaysim unlimited.


    yeah sounds awesome!┬á I dont think many people use the ‘extra’ stuff anyway, and┬áfor the amount of Data you get, you can just look things up on the net instead of calling a directory┬áservice.

    I’m with Vodafone and I pay a lot more than that for the same service AND┬áthey charge me for VM. sucky.

    Thanks for the heads up!


    That sounds attractive but my reason for getting a cap plan is to pay off for a phone that otherwise I can’t buy outright.


    wow that’s cheap!
    just moved from virgin (optus network) to telstra, as i got literally ZERO reception at my house in Drummoyne Sydney NSW – pretty much outer city/inner west.
    will be offering that to my family on virgin though!


    @twitter-285335135:disqus┬á– Funny you say that. I’m in Drummoyne to and get f-all service in my flat. I thought it was because of optus but my telstra work phone has similar problems (although not quite as bad). A friend of mine who works for telstra said its a notoriously bad area because the signal switches between towers a lot. Not sure that there’s any truth to that though.┬á


    Yeah, my family in Balmain have the same problem with both Vodafone and Optus – constant switching between Greenwich and City towers, even though there are towers for both carriers in Balmain!


    Hmmm… seems like a todaytonight-esque investigation is in order! haha
    Or a meetup of ausdroid followers, to discuss over a beer/coffee!


    In the future, a femtocell will be the answer to your poor reception, subject to decent broadband!