Update: The mod is now available from XDA Developers

One of the best features of the Galaxy S II, its 8 MP camera, is about to get even better thanks to an upcoming unofficial mod/hack that will improve the bitrate and quality of the 1080p video recording function. At stock the SGSII will record 1080p at 16Mbit/s and with pretty ordinary mono sound in AAC format. The mod will push the bitrate up to a beefy 24Mbit/s with 192-bit sound, which will still be in mono due to the Galaxy S II having only one mic, however the improvements will speak for themselves. There is currently no concrete release date on the mod, but you will have to root your device to enable the mod to work its magic.

Source: Slashgear.
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Andrew James Pascoe

How would this compare to the upcoming HTC Sensation?

Buzz Moody

Not too sure. I’ll be having a play with the Sensation next week 🙂


linked article got updated, src is on xda now…

Peter Goldsmith

If there is only one mic, then how does noise cancellation work, and what is the ‘mic like’ hole on top of the phone for then?


It definitely does have two mics, so I’m mighty confused now.




Hurry up please, Telstra 🙂