You’d be forgiven for not knowing anything about the Google Nexus 4G; that being because it doesn’t actually exist, yet. The Nexus 4G rumours surfaced yesterday over at BGR when they released information which they insist is provided by good sources — we tend to believe them. The Nexus 4G is pushing some pretty amazing specs as well, here they are:

  • Next Generation – Dual-Core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz CPU from Qualcomm or OMAP (4460)
  • “monster-sized” screen (4.3″?) – 720p resolution (1280×720)
  • No hardware/capacitive buttons – so it will run Android 4.0 with software buttons
  • 4G LTE
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1080p video recording
  • 5MP camera with class-leading image quality

BGR’s source claims the device is meant to be out at Thanksgiving in the US, which falls on the 24th of November. This date lines up nicely with Google announcing that Ice Cream Sandwich would launch nearing the end of the year, and having a Nexus device run the software before any other device makes perfect sense. There is also no word on who will design the next Nexus phone seeing as though HTC (Nexus One) and Samsung (Nexus S) have both had a crack at it, hopefully not Motorola.

What also launches at the end of the year here in Australia are the LTE networks for Telstra and perhaps Vodafone, if they’re still running on schedule, meaning that the Nexus 4G would launch exclusively on Vodafone and their LTE network since they have the global rights on the Nexus range of devices from Google. There’s a lot to look forward to here, but remember, this is all rumour for now.

Source: BGR.
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By saying no hardware buttons you mean home, search, back etc. right? It will still have a power button?


Hasnt it been confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich is Android 2.4? i doubt the validity of this rumor rather strongly, for quite a few reasons 


Pretty sure 2.4 will also be called Gingerbread.

1.5 = C = Cupcake
1.6 = D = Donut
2.0 = E = Eclair
2.1 = E = Eclair
2.2 = F = Froyo
2.3 = G = Gingerbread
2.4 = G = Gingerbread
3.0 = H = Honeycomb
4.0 = I = Ice Cream Sandwich

Notice how the letters go up by one with each version? Calling 2.4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” would mess that scheme up. They have used the same name for two versions before with 2.0 and 2.1, so there’s no reason 2.4 can’t be called Gingerbread too.


Sounds like a tablet to me.

Ilija Vrtaric

oh no, I hope this doesn’t see my HTC Incredible S being replaced by this rumoured beast 😛


Aside from the screen resolution, LTE, and Android 4.0 my SGS2 is looking pretty good 🙂


The Samsung Galaxy S II is already 4G compliant (Telstra’s (and Vodafone’s? I don’t know actually) LTE network will operate over the 1800 MHz range) so it’s only the resolution and Android 4.0 that this phone has over the SGSII (and even then, it’s rootable so the phone can be upgraded to 4.0)


it amazes me how strong Fanboism is with SGS2. its a great phone yes but newer phones will be better, get used to it


Get over yourself. I didn’t say the Samsung Galaxy S II would never be superseded, I simply told somebody that their phone currently is currently LTE compliant, just like many other phones. 

Buzz Moody

The Galaxy  S II isn’t 4G compliant at all..


The Galaxy S II supports HSPA+, not LTE.

Some people call HSPA+ 4G, but most people classify it as 3.9G.

I guess that’s the reason for the confusion.


Firstly, I can’t see it being called the Nexus 4G. The Nexus S on Sprint in the US is called the Nexus S 4G so the name is too close. I wonder what Google would go with though – Nexus 3 perhaps? Google seems to like things kept simple. As for the specs I find that resolution hard to believe especially considering how sensible and current all the other specifications are (though it would be pretty fantastic – a screen PPI of 340~). Apart from the screen resolution (and lack of hardware buttons) this phone could launch today. Of course… Read more »