Well we’ve just read it straight from the horse’s mouth, there are over 500,000 (yes, half a million) Android devices activated each and every single day around the world, and the rate is growing at 4.4% every week — amazing. This is a 150,000+ jump over the last activation numbers we received back in April when ~350,000 devices were being activated on a daily basis. Android growth has no doubt be helped along by the launch of multiple Honeycomb Tablets around the world and the strong push Android is having with dual-core super-phones. Now if we could only get a near-definite number of how many of these activations are from Australia.

Source: @Arubin.
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    I don’t think each activation is new device. multiply 500,000 by 365 and than consider the number of mobile subscribers around the world.


    Every time I install a new rom or update to a new version of android etc is that counted as an activation? Am I counted as multiple activation’s even though I only use the one device?


    That is quite a bit.

    Also, at Google I/O 2011, Vic Gundotra announced that they were doing 400,000 Android devices per day. That was early May.

    I wonder how much money Google makes off Android, seeing as they don’t directly charge OEM’s for the software.


    Wow! That figure is absolutely staggering….

    Julian Pinget

    holy balls, at that rate of growth, that will equate to more than 1.5m activations per day by the end of the year (mind-boggling)

    are they counting each time a phone is switched on for the first time (because in that case the systems could inarticulately read that technically i’ve ‘activated’ some handsets dozens of times after flashing OSs, couldn’t i?)


    Yeh, I’d like to know what an ‘activation’ is considered to be. I think they clarified it after apple accused them of counting os updates as new activations but they said it was something like new handsets.


    i am not a mathematician but this increase looks exponential! and i expect it to continue as the masses learn more and more about android and the manufacturers continue to pump out great android phones.

    Buzz Moody

    Over the two months from April:

    * ~+75,000 each month
    * ~+2,500 each day

    That’s insane!