So you’re holding out for the HTC Sensation on Telstra, but you’re unsure of when you’ll have your hands on it? Fret no more. A source has just informed us that the Dual-Core, Sense UI 3.0 toting HTC Sensation will be available from Telstra on July 12th. As for plan pricing, we were told that it would be available for $0 on Telstra’s Freedom Connect plan, which includes $800 of credit; unlimited MessageBank and national texts; and 2GB of blazing fast data for your almost-HSPA+ Sensation.

Here’s hoping Telstra can fill in the gaps when they officially announce a release date and pricing very soon.

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Any idea when other carriers will have this? I wouldn’t mind getting one but the price is too high in my opinion. Hopefully when other carriers start selling them both the price of the phone will come down or more importantly (for me anyway) the monthly costs.

Buzz Moody

Not too sure when other carriers will announce the HTC Sensation. I’m sure they’ll be sititng back gauging the success of it on Telstra.


They could at least announce the SGSII FFS!

Matt McLeod

With any luck the SGS II on Telstra will have a similar price.  A little higher than the others, but not outrageously so.  I’d been worried that the Sensation (and SGS II) would wind up costing something crazy like $20/month on a $79 plan.

Ayoub Hage

thats why i bought it outright from hongkong for$530 plus p&h

Toby Munro

link? that is cheaper than I have seen, plus I haven’t spotted a nextg compatible version in the wilds for import.

Lindsay Roper

While I definitely wouldn’t need $800 credit or even 2Gb data (currently use on average about 200mb/month with my Magic, though I don’t currently use tethering), this is quite well priced I think.

Making it increasingly hard to hold out until September to see if an updated iPhone is released.


Don’t worry about the iPhone. HTC and Samsung have started to take the Smart phone market by storm. Of course the iPhone is a great phone to have, and does have good support to an extent, but unless you jailbreak the phone you will be restricted to the Apple’s iOS and it’s limitations.

By the time the iPhone 5 comes out, HTC will have a few more phones out.

Glyn Stuckey

I wonder if this means that the Galaxy S II will be similarly priced?  Just on build quality I’m leaning to the Sensation…

Buzz Moody

They both have near the same specs. If the Galaxy S II is priced low, I would urge everyone who reads this site to buy that instead.

Tim Marshall

I’ll probably heed your advice buzz, what if a solution for getting vanilla android onto the sensation appears before then?

Buzz Moody

Then you have a device with the same power as the Galaxy S II without the bloatware that is Sense UI. That’s personal preference.

Glyn Stuckey

Yeah, it’s only really the build quality (and the promise of unlocked bootloader down the track) that’s making me lean towards the Sensation.  In all honesty I hope the SGSII is cheaper ….  Doubt it, being Telstra, but one can hope!


LOL! Not me mate… I am loving the sensation (HATE SENSE UI)… just give me an unlocked bootloader and stick a vanilla rom on it and it’d be perfect…  Sense UI is bloat bloat bloat. no other description necessary (eg. i put a senseUI3.0 rom on an inspire a couple days ago- system partition was about 550MB.  CM7 was 150MB) I personally hated the look of the SGSII when i had a play with on a couple weeks ago.  I did only spend about 10-15min with it but it just play turned me off even considering it due to its… Read more »


Or wait for the next Google Nexus phone prob going to be the galaxy on roids.

Darren White

I bet the sgs2 will be the same price and if the evo comes out one of them will drop in price. hope it will anyway.