The ‘Facebook Phones‘ have been a long time coming, but one of them is finally here! The HTC ChaCha is readily available from Crazy John’s for $0 upfront on their $25 plan which includes $200 of credit and 400MB of data, as well as free calls to other phones on the VHA network (Voda, Three, CJ’s). The ChaCha is another phone we’ll be reviewing next week. It’s almost getting hard to keep up with all these new devices! If you’re a little bit addicted to Facebook like I am, I’m sure you’ll quite enjoy this lil’ device. Official HTC video walkthrough of the HTC ChaCha after the break.

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i like the look of it but its quite expensive for what it is unlocked

Mo Buksh

How much outright?


I’ve got this on my arm rest on the couch right now. GREAT little phone IMO. Best qwerty keyboard since the G1 (kids are going to get QUICK on this thing). The custom (landscape) format has been handled well by the custom Sense design/layout. I’ve played Rio and Radiant on it, both play well. Nice playing something like Radiant with the keys rather than touching the screen…


so this phone is worth it?