HTC has just updated everyone on their progress towards unlocking their new device’s bootloaders and it’s looking promising. HTC have promised that in August they will be unlocking the global version of the HTC Sensation, which we’re assuming covers the Telstra HTC Sensation, via a software update.

We’re thrilled to announce today that software updates to support bootloader unlocking will begin rolling out in August for the global HTC Sensation … We’re in the testing phase for the unlocking capability now, and we expect it to be fully operational by early September for devices that have received the software updates.

HTC also note that in September there will be an update for other devices that can be unlocked via a software update. We’re not too sure what these other devices are; maybe the HTC Incredible S, Desire S and Wildfire S? Exciting times ahead for sure though.

Source: HTC Facebook.
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They are on display in melbourne exhibition head office store now. It will be free on 79 cap I think. Saw it through the window

Glyn Stuckey

The same price as I’m paying for a 3gs? Awesome, that’s me sold!

Glyn Stuckey

Now if only Telstra don’t price it ridiculously like the Galaxy S II … But I suppose they are Telstra, right?