Australia has always been behind when it comes to tech launches and we’ve pretty much learnt to just deal with it. But if you look back at some of the Android devices launches in the previous 12 months, we’ve actually been pretty much on the same timeline as the UK and the USA.

There’s certainly other devices that launched here before they were launched in other places around the world, but I thought it was time we give the Carriers and Manufacturers a little bit of credit where it was due. Let’s hope we can see more Android devices, high to low-end, launched here before or at the same time as other places around the world. We love it!

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A bit lagging on decent QWERTies too. Just hope they get the Mytouch4g slide or something similar soon as don’t like phones without hardware qwerty.


It’s a shame the same can’t be said for firmware upgrades … In this area Australia stinks.


We got the Toshiba Thrive before the US even knew it was called the Thrive!


You have been pretty busy this morning Buzz putting up all three posts. Keep up with the good work. 

Nicky A

maybe they’ve realised that if they don’t release them we’ll just buy it online from overseas…my Desire came from UK, and my Sensation from HK…exclusivity agreements, tied with 2 year contracts, are mental


I find it amazing that the SGS II still isn’t released in the US, shouldn’t be far though as Canada are getting it very soon.


Remember apple are currently suing Samsung in the US for patent infringement relating to the current crop of samsung devices (SGS II, galaxy tab 10.1 etc). So therefore samsung are probably being smart and waiting for the outcome of the case first so that in the event they lose, they wont have to spend money recalling all of the devices already shipped

Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

They won’t be forced to recall devices already sold.. they just won’t be
able to sell more. Depends where the lawsuit is occurring.. if its in
the ITC (where Apple likes to fight these battles lately) then all a win
for Apple would do is prevent Samsung from importing infringing
hardware into the USA.


Ok but this is not the same for tablet devices, tel$tra and others take far too long to release these.


Where is the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1? I need the galaxy tab 10.1.