According to a report by the Internation Data Corporation (IDC) Android growth is still going strong with our favourite OS making up a 30% share of the Australian Mobile OS Market in the first quarter of this year. Apple’s iOS took the lead at 40%, though the growth of Android is expected to overtake iOS by the end of the year — it may have happened already; we’ll find out in the next report.

Going by the IDC’s report earlier this year which stated that 12.74 million phones were sold in Australia last year, and 57% of those were smartphones, that leaves ~7,261,800. 30% of that is just under 2.2 million. That’s extremely, extremely rough estimates off of 6 month old+ data, but it does give you a very rough idea of just how many Android devices are floating around this great land of ours.

Source: IDC Australia.
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    Jacob Bullen

    You were right!


    Thanks for the article 😉

    I’ve also noticed a lot more “… from Facebook for Android” posts on FB.


    Still more iPhones out there than any one brand and model of Android phone. This may not change for ages. Apple will dominate for as long as they sell more phones than any other company and the masses will continue to buy what most other people have


    your missing the point mate, im sure if more phones were able to use IOS the figures would be much different but the fact that there are over 400 different android devices to choose from (tablets and phones) makes it a more consumer friendly option due to the variety of cost and features, not having a go or anything just see alot of iphone users saying this on other blogs


    Exactly Android fills all gaps.  All form factors and all price points.  The only thing holding back Android imo is media.  If Google can sell TV, books, movies and music in Australia they will dominate.


    Catching the train I watch what people have been using and over the past 6 months I have started to see more and more Android devices which reflects these findings. Hopely by the end of the year it will be number!


    Just wondered into a Telstra shop for the first time in a while and notice that android phones are starting to dominate the display especially in the front of the shop. Consequently more and more people are playing with them.

    Also a couple friends of mine who work in two major Aussie corporations are giving those who needs a work phone an android rather than the blackberry which has traditionally dominate the business. So that is another area where the Android is increasing it’s market share.