Earlier this month Matt put up an article detailing how you could download the newly renovated and soon-to-be-pushed-to-devices Android Market. That Android Market is now slowly rolling out to devices running Android 2.2 and above. The version being rolled out by Google is a version number above the one leaked out earlier this month, so if you’re impatient waiting for the new update (check if you have it already, the new one is version 3.0.27) you can download it here: Android Market v.3.0.27. Enjoy.

Source: Android Community.
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    How do I check which version of the Android market I have? I downloaded and installed the leaked version from here.


    Looks a bit like the windows 8 boxes, but still seems difficult to come across new/great/sale apps. They really need to address that key function of the store, to push the good apps to the top of the pile and get them some exposure (beyond the several iterations of angry birds).


    Have you used it? I think it does address that pretty well. We now have top 50 style lists for paid and free categories as well as the ‘featured’ and dev recommended apps.
    It’s very metroUI and I like it apart from the speed issues, it requires a 3G connection to be useful while I leave my data at 2G due to location.