Remember when HTC promised they would allow unlocking of their bootloaders? And that the Sensation would be unlockable in August? Well now that dream is slowly coming true. HTC have launched which is their online hub that has all their device kernel source code, their OpenSense SDK and, soon, their unlocking bootloader solution.

HTCdev appears to be the more user-friendly and inviting version of the older HTC Developer Center, which — whilst still online — houses the same kernel sources as found on HTCdev.

The OpenSense SDK is completely ready for users to jump in and get developing as soon as you register yourself a free account on the site. It allows you to take advantage of some of the cool APIs available in HTC’s locked-down Sense UI. There’s access to the stereoscopic 3D APIs available for the EVO 3D (and other upcoming 3D devices) and the Tablet Pen that is used on the 7-inch Flyer.

There’s still no concrete date set for when HTC are expected to launch the web-based bootloader unlocking service, however, their previous statements suggest a September release, but we’d be happy with anything earlier than that, wouldn’t you?

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Dylan Xavier

You completely skipped the part that by unlocking ur bootloader online means ur potentially telling HTC that u want your warranty voided since they ask for ur imei and the lot

Buzz Moody

This has always been the case when unlocking your device though. It’s nothing new.

Dylan Xavier

yes but this way, they kno. the other way they dont know when u root. u jst flash a stock rom back.


lots of HTC phones are rootable..? head over to xda and you can see that. i’m running a rooted desire HD, my mate is running a rooted desire, “sensation unlockable in august”, and is it right that new phones will be shipped unlocked?
I really like HTC’s hardware, which if you’re going to root your phone and run a custom rom anyway then hardware is probably the most important part.