As you may or may not be aware of, Google is shutting down Google Labs — which houses Google’s BETA products — to focus more on what they know they’re good at; search, email, advertising, Android and being awesome.

As a part of this shut down, Google App Inventor for Android will be closed also. App Inventor, if you haven’t tried it out already, allows you to create extremely simple Android apps without have to code anything manually. It’s all done by using visual representations (such as buttons, text boxes, etc..) for a basic user interface, along with (simple) puzzle pieces to represent events in code (such as a button click).

Google said that although App Inventor will be closed on Google Labs, it will live on as open source code, as the education system (either in America or worldwide) have been using it quite a lot. This means that Google will no longer work on App Inventor, which may see the open source code just sit there and not be innovated. Sad, sad stuff. Google’s announcement at the source link.

Source: Google Labs.