After Phil wrote up his article — his first, congratz! — on rumours from sources that are quite trusted, that Vodafone already have stock of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sitting in their warehouses waiting to be shipped out to stores and, when they become available, preorders, I received an email from Vodafone stating that this wasn’t true.

“Honestly we don’t have it [in] warehouse, we were expecting shipment, but as soon as news broke regarding Samsung and Apple, everything was halted. And I mean everything.”

Okay, sure, I can understand that. Samsung wouldn’t want to have all this stock (we’ve heard around 2,000 are going to Vodafone) sitting around in warehouses when it might have to be recalled pending the current court case going on between bestfriends Samsung and Apple.

So there’s two sides to this story and I wanted to give you both. Our source says Voda have signed off on 2,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices, however, Vodafone deny this.

We’ve received no word from Optus during this whole debacle, we only know that they’ve removed the register your interest page for business users, which is what the Federal Court of Australia ordered in its initial ruling — that is, no advertising of the device should occur.

Myer are advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1, even going as far as saying it will launch on the 1st of September. I don’t fully believe Myer here, as Samsung postponed their launch event for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and are yet to even announce a new date for it, and I can’t see that happening in the next week.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Who the f**k knows what’s happening. I guess we’ll find out once Samsung and Apple stop bickering in court. The court case will resume on Monday.

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So much for your source!