Before I joined the world of Android, I used to own an iPhone 3GS. I’d had it for nearly a year and had bought a really expensive dock for it.

One thing that can be a barrier for entry when it comes to Android is losing those expensive accessories that blast out your portable sound into Home Cinema Centre epic-ness.

Enter the dockBoss+ from CableJive

The dockBoss+ is an elegant little cable that connects to the micro USB port and to the headphone jack of your Android device, it will then output that sound through a modified iPhone/iPod connector to play it through your iDock or even car stereo.

The micro USB connector part is where your Android device will draw it’s much needed power from and charge your phone while it’s pumping out sound from whatever iDock or iCompatible car stereo you own.

The connector will not start shipping until 28th September and is currently retailing for $29.95(USD) + $9.46 (USD) for standard postage.

There’s no news on whether this will be hitting Australian stores at the moment, but considering some of the ridiculous markups we see from our retailers, purchasing online is a preferable option.

I myself have already pre-ordered one and will give a follow up review of how well it works once it’s arrived.

So I recommend checking out the CableJive’s website and getting yourself the cheap solution to an expensive problem.

Source: CableJive.
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    Huawei Ideos!! Are you on whirlpool :p ??


    While this solves your ‘issue’ its about as beautiful as duct taping the fine china back together after you break it!


    Google is trying to address this with Android Open Accessory Development Kit which they brought in with 2.3.4 agree with all the points below.. so im hopeful this new standard will fix these things in the future. This is not even close to a solution imo as cables takes away from the “dock” which should be sit and forget nice and neat.


    Yeah, this is a solution for people who have existing hardware. Not people who want to go out and buy more hardware.

    I paid $300 for a JBL iPhone dock that has excellent sound. It does have a headphone in plug, but it meant when I used it my phone was losing power.


    O_o? So you had the headphone in socket but your issue was power?

    How is this nicer than say getting power charger to charge the phone while using the headphone in socket?

    Both require two cables plugged in…. Both will look ugly imoa……

    Sounds like you just wanted to spend ausdroid money so you can review something!


    Wow, cheers on the personal jab, really appreciate the objective feedback.

    It would be worth noting that I purchased the cable myself. I write for Ausdroid as a hobby not as a job and especially not with the expectation of remuneration or reimbursement.


    You obviously didn’t read properly. He used his OWN money.

    and why is it that people feel the need to critisize the writers of ausdroid for everything? I love the fact that we, australian android fans have android enthusiasts in our backyard to spread news and help us.

    Learn to respect them or they may not stick around.


    Sorry wasn’t meant as a personal attack….. Just no android fanboy I know would pay $40usd for a cable to keep a iDevil product around and inuse.

    It’s part of apples lockin process. Darn I have all these ‘dock’ products that will become useless if they move away from apple let alone all the money sunk into Apps and music content.


    URL glitch caused by the reply system auto-formatting, Andrew. The URL in your reply points to a 404…  points to correct URL is


    Even my own reply got screwed up by the auto-formatting.

    Gambit smith

    Skipped over “docking stations” for this reason…. Bluetooth is the standard…and Jambox is my DJ..


    I think you and I have very different definitions of the word “elegant”.

    Looks like the damn thing’s on life-support, cables running in each end. Untidy… but hey, Non standard connections in non standard places so that a simple system of a universal dock that workd across the board on YEARS worth of devices, in many different applications that you can just buy off the shelf from any number of brands and KNOW it’ll work properly as soon as you pop your device into said dock is a small price to pay for being “open” right guys? ;P guys?


    This really needs for the skip track functionality that remotes on docks can have with ipod/iphones. That would make this concept really awesome