If you’re a big user of Google+, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a new update for the Google+ Android app. The update brings more way to interact with people and links, as well as the major renaming of Huddle to the more generic Messenger. Google+’s official update list is as follows:

  1. Update: Bug fixes in mobile hangouts
  2. Join hangouts from the mobile app
  3. Set profile photo
  4. Huddle is now Messenger
  5. Send photos in Messenger
  6. Reliability improvements in Messenger
  7. Long press on posts in stream to +1, share and mute
  8. Improved video playback support
  9. Improved public search for people
  10. Granular push notification settings
  11. Move app to your SD card
  12. Improved +mention support

Considering the only way I use Google+ is through my phone, I’m liking a lot of the new changes. How about you? What would you like to see added to the Google+ app? Hit the source link to head over to the Android Market and update/download Google+

Source: Android Market - Google+.
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I want sparks. Can’t work put why they have left our out.


G+ app worked fine until this update, now it says it is incompatible with my android version which is ridiculous. Possibly something wrong with the custom ROM? I’m running Froyobread 2.2.9 on my x10 mini pro.


I wonder why we can’t initiate a hangout from our Android device? I mean, if we can join one, it shouldn’t be that difficult to start one.


HHaha how do I even become a member or what ever to use it.