Daniel posted a few days ago about the pending release of Minecraft Pocket Edition with details of its release intended for non Sony Xperia Play devices. Daniel Kaplan, one of the lead developers of MinecraftPE has delayed the release due to some bug which he tweeted about

Yikes!! We found a nasty bug in Minecraft – Pocket Edition that needs to be fixed before release! Im not sure it will come out today πŸ™

Further information released from Daniel said

Minecraft – PE will work on Android 2.2+ but cant promise it will in the future since we are going to add new stuff all the time! We will update the Demo of Minecraft – PE so you can try it out before you buy. But I would recommend a 1ghz+ phone with fast gpu.

The news I hear is that you’ll need a 1GHz CPU as a minimum and shut down all other processes to free resources before you try this one out. It’s a resource hog and from reports of Xperia Play users, a battery killer too. For Minecraft addicts, I don’t think they’ll care!

So getting to the crux of the matter: unfortunately for those of us who are hanging out for some mobile Minecraft action are going to have to wait, hopefully not too long. I’d say it’s likely that either Daniel, Buzz or I will post about the release of Minecraft PE minutes after it’s release… But it’s more likely we’ll do that after our first session!

NB. While the demo will be available for all devices when the Minecraft PE is released, at this time it’s only available to Xperia Play devices.

Source: Daniel Kaplan: Twitter.