The above image is apparently a live shot of the elusive Nexus Prime which is set to be announced on October 11th — watch out iFailPhone 4Gs5HDLTE. The photo shows that the display is 1280×720 with the effective height of the pixels being 1184; 96 pixels needed for the on-screen buttons that are shown, since Ice Cream Sandwich will support on-screen buttons. The PPI is 320 according to the photo, that would equate to the screen being 4.6-inches across. So from all that we know it’s going to have a pretty kick-ass display.

The other interesting thing I noticed from the photo is the line ‘navigationHidden=2‘ which using some common-sense would mean that those on-screen buttons at the bottom of the display will be able to be switched on and off and possibly have other functionality. Cool. I can’t wait for the big announcement.

Source: GSMarena.
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If this is the next Nexus phone, then it is a phone I would NOT buy.
Not having physical main function buttons on this phone means that an app fouling up and freezing requiring an FC, can not only lock the phone, but also render the main control buttons unable to be seen or accessed.

vijay alapati

Now all I’m waiting is for  new updated dell streak 5 with Ice cream sandwich 🙂 


I want this to be my next phone, please dont disappoint me Google!


The math makes the screen size 4.3 inches..


ah ok, seems the math I saw didn’t include the pixels where the on screen buttons are.