Well this is interesting stuff. We’ve heard from one of our sources that Optus are looking to grab hold of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as soon as they possibly can. I find this interesting because it’s always been a global Vodafone exclusive; that was before Samsung decided to do a massive global push with the brand-new Galaxy Nexus. 3, O2 and Vodafone are all aboard the Galaxy Nexus bandwagon in Europe, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing the device hit multiple carriers here in Australia.

I’m sure Telstra won’t like the idea of not being able to have their bloatware front-and-centre on the Galaxy Nexus should they sell it. Optus seems like a fairly fitting carrier seeing as though they don’t have many great flagship Android devices at the moment. Vodafone are a given considering their previous statement to me saying they’ll be stocking all Nexus devices, so I don’t see them pulling the pin.

What do you guys think: Galaxy Nexus on Optus – Yes / No?

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Ryan Saffer

so my contract expires December 4th with Optus, what are the chances I’ll be owning one of these in a month?

Buzz Moody

Not too sure. I’m hoping for your sake the chances are high.



Daniel Hinkley

I will buy the phone outright and use it on Optus, their mobile plans both pre-paid and post-paid are cheap and good value for money, e.g data and usage. Plans are a waste of money, and a time trap, if your stuck to the Galaxy Nexus for 2 years, you’ll have to wait for the 5th Google Nexus.


Just because you’re on a plan doesn’t mean you have to use that particular phone on it. I change phones every 6-12 months. Whenever my contract is up I just sign up again, get the new phone and sell it. 


Maybe depends on LTE and Optus LTE network rollout progress

I think Telstra may still go with it

Perfect 4G phone for them to use with their ‘HTC launch phone’

Daniel Tyson

I say anyway I can get my hands on it

Dylan Xavier

i say, end this exclusive rubbish! that way the operators can fight for my money. consumers win! 😀


As long as they are selling it outright at a good price, bring it on!!!

Lachlan Matthias

I hope Optus gets the Galaxy Nexus! I was one of those people who had vodafone and no reception earlier this year, moved to optus and theyve been perfect! lets hope they get it

Evan Whiteside

Yes, I’d get one straight away! I’d payout my i9000 and start a new contract (if price is right…)


A very big yes. An Optus rep called me 4 months ago, offering to pay out 6 months of my current Vodafone contract to go back to Optus. At the time I still had 12 months with Voda, so I told them to call me again in 6 months. I will probably take the initiative and call them should the get the Galaxy Nexus sooner.


Just a little story about Vodafone, we never have coverage at my house on the original frequencies but my wife just got a iphone 4s, which works on 850, and she can actually get 5 bars.  This leads up to the fact that the Galaxy Nexus will work on 850 as well, so coverage and service should improve.


Vodas new 850 network is looking good. But you need a quad band phone to make use of all of voda network though. Not a huge amount of them out there. Iphone 4/4s and sgsii and nexus prime plus some atrix phones are all quad band.

Matt Booth

Hmm.. Well if they have zero handset fee and an early termination fee of $529 like they did with the Galaxy S i9000 then sign me up!! Otherwise there is no way I would sign up to Optus


Hey you have already ordered yours! I am gong to give it a week or so and then if we haven’t heard any more information then I will do the same as you.

But as long as opus have it at a decent outright price then that would be great but I am not holding my breath on that…


I doubt it – check out what they have done with the iPhone 4S pricing to deter cancellations…..