It was only a month ago that Samsung announced that they had sold over 10 million Galaxy S II devices worldwide, now they’ve announced that they have sold 30 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices worldwide. Impressive.

Samsung stated that over 10 million of those were the Galaxy S II leaving the rest to be just under 20 million of the Galaxy S.

Launched in 2010, Samsung GALAXY S reached almost 20 million unit sales, making it the highest-selling mobile device in Samsung’s portfolio to date, and another record-breaker for the company and the mobile market.

That would easily make the Galaxy S the highest-selling Android device to date. Seeing as the Galaxy S II is fairly new in comparison to the Galaxy S, I believe we’ll see Samsung hit the 40 million and maybe push towards the 45-50 million devices sold mark.

Source: Samsung Mobile.
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Daniel Tyson

Those are some huge numbers, I’d be interested to find out if the Nexus S sales figures were included in this, as technically it`s built on the Galaxy S body really.


this is all well and good, but i cant wait for the HTC Rezound event on Nov 3rd, im ready for a new phone 🙂


so does this mean my SGS is going to get ICS?


As the SGSII is a current model with enough specs to run ICS, I would be saying yes. Also remember google is pushing OEMs to update hardware for 18 months after release to current versions *IF* the hardware can run it. As I said, the hardware can run it, so the SGSII should be seeing an ICS firmware, that said, when is another question.

There always is CM9, that will bring stock android to the SGSII if Samsung somehow fail to.


With Kogan selling the SGSII $499 outright including free shipping, I’m pretty sure there are going to be a lot more being sold!!