If you were one of the people who purchased the LG Optimus 2X from Harvey Norman, you probably felt pretty ripped off last week when LG announced via Facebook that the phone would not see any Ice Cream Sandwich love. Well that same Facebook page has just announced as you can see above, that they now have plans to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to not only the Optimus 2X but to their other high-end smartphones(Optimus 3D??). So your update run is not over yet. We`ll have to wait and see how quickly this can get to handsets after Google release the Ice Cream Sandwich source to AOSP. Are you an owner of a 2X, Is this too little too late?

Source: LG Facebook.
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unfunk Freeman

I already upgraded to a Sensation. LG’s hardware is quite nice, but their stock software is balls. I tried installing CM7, but that just let to further strange issues.

Nevertheless, I’m very happy that LG are strongly denying these “rumours” about ICS…


I have one, still waiting for gingerbread which is meant to be available some time this week. I wonder how long it will take for ICS given its taken 9 months for GB. I was tempted to get cyanogen but its missing radio and other features.


I think the lesson here is, if you are not going to update a phone then just keep quiet about it.