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As you may recall from the post we put up last month, an issue was discovered on some HTC phones that could possibly allow some apps access to log files collected by HTC. HTC advised that they were working on a fix and it would be issued ASAP. I contacted HTC last week after I saw Sprint customers in the USA started receiving an OTA update to patch the flaw, they advised :

“All updates are currently being rolled out with our carrier partners in Australia and New Zealand”

I`ve identified the HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and Wildfire S as models which are definitely affected, however if you have a HTC phone I recommend checking for an update anyway by going to Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates

I contacted Telstra who advised that the update is rolling out to owners of affected handsets now, if you have not seen the prompt to update your phone, you may want to manually check for an update. Vodafone advised that ‘the patch was released on October 14th and you will be able to receive this patch by updating your HTC device’. Optus advised that they have no handsets in their range affected by the issue.

So if you have one of the affected phones, you should have received a prompt to download and install the update, if not, as above check for updates and you should receive it.

Source: HTCTelstraOptusVodafone.
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I was prompted to update my Sensation last night.


Are there any WiMax HTC phones in Australia? Coz they’ve got a newly found security hole that blows goats over the one you speak of here.
– coder


I’ve checked my HTC Desire Z (imported from UK) and there is no updates so I guess my phone is not affected by this security issue.