Telstra have just announced via their news exchange that they are going to be selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Motorola DEFY+, Telstra QWERTY-Touch and the LG Optimus Spirit we wrote about yesterday. I’m surprised to see the Arc S pop up considering the little amount of differentiation over the original Arc. I’m not surprised to see the DEFY+ considering how much Telstra pushed the original DEFY. Both the Telstra-branded QWERTY-Touch (most likely made by ZTE) and the LG Optimus Spirit are low-end prepaid devices.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

I reviewed the Arc S just under a month ago and was impressed with it, however, it is just the original Arc with a faster CPU and cool new 3D camera effect that only works once you output it to a 3D television. None the less, Telstra have it on board for the Christmas season and it will be on sale from November 15th. Telstra are also pushing the HD Voice capabilities of the Arc S.


Telstra Freedom Connect Plans

  $49 $59 $79 $99 $129
Repayments N/A $10 N/A $0 $0
Cost /mo $49/mo (+MRO) $69/mo $79/mo (+MRO) $99/mo $129/mo
Credit $450 $550 $800 $1200 Unlim.
Data 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 2.5GB 3GB

Motorola DEFY+

The original DEFY apparently sold quite well for Telstra and they’re hoping to capitalise off that success with the launch of the Motorola DEFY+. The main differences with the DEFY+ over the original is that it will run Android 2.3 out of the box, it also has a 1GHz CPU (DEFY had an 800MHz CPU), as well as a larger 1700mAh battery. The DEFY+ has been on sale since November 1st.


The Motorola DEFY+ will be available for $299 outright on Telstra Prepaid as well as the folling Telstra Freedom Connect Plans.

  $49 $59 $79 $99 $129
Repayments $7 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cost /mo $56/mo $59/mo $79/mo $99/mo $129/mo
Credit $450 $550 $800 $1200 Unlim.
Data 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 2.5GB 3GB

Telstra QWERTY-Touch

Telstra are well-known for having their own branded devices that usually appear on Telstra Prepaid; the QWERTY-Touch is no different. We’re assuming it’s a modified version of ZTE’s V821. It has a 2MP camera, Android 2.3, Wi-Fi and GPS, Capacitive display and access to the Android Market. The QWERTY-Touch will be on sale from Telstra Prepaid starting November 15th


The QWERTY-Touch will be sold outright for $129.

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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Curt Liddell

I might actually pickup a defy+ Just because it is so cheap and was a great-ish device when it finally got hacked and rooted and custom ROMs popped up for it…

Might be a bit better to play around on than my SGS2 that is meant to last me the next two years. 😛

Just some TLS

You do realise that every motorola phone sold by Telstra has been severely faulty. We see them back every single day with camera issues, speaker issues, software issues and touch screen issues. It seems to take on the blue tick, take off the blue tick and then put it back on. The motorola’s have been an embaressment to Telstra and the blue tick program and to top it all off, Android. Motoblurr is quite possibly the most ill thought up OS, an OS that actively locks people out of their phones at the most inane of times. Oh and you… Read more »

Neerav Bhatt

You forgot to mention that Defy+ is $299 prepaid which is quite good value considering how much the original Defy cost

Buzz Moody

Completely missed that, thanks Neerav!


That is a pretty damn good deal…..