Here at Ausdroid we love supporting great Aussie developers whom create really cool stuff, one of those great developers are the guys at Shifty Jelly whom created the awesome application Pocket Casts which aggregates heaps of podcasts (including ours!) in one easy to use place. The app is currently the top featured in the Android Market at the moment, so we thought we’d give them a shout-out on the cool achievement and recommend you download it and check it out.

Pocket Casts does cost $2.70, however, if you’re a massive listener of podcasts and you want to support Aussies, it’s a small price to pay.

Source: Android Market.
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Max Hobbs

You going through a who/whom phase at the moment buzz?


A head to head comparison with Beyondpod would be useful. Shame there’s no 7 day trial period like there is with Beyondpod.Having already paid out for one app after trying it out for 7 days, I’m reluctant to pay for something I might not actually find better.

Curt Liddell

Buzz, Charge your battery mate


Your price is incorrect….. Due to a google ‘bug’ (illegal in Australia btw), You will be charged for $2.97 on checkout ($2.70 + GST), then of course its charged to your credit card, so your bank may slug you a intl fee as well of a few cents. So lets call it $3.00 hey?


still less than a hamburger, or a coke at the footy (or anything at the footy)
and these guys are very helpful if you have issues… eg. me trying to find Ausdroid podcast last weekend


Don’t disagree….. I own Pocket Casts myself, which is why I know google is breaking the law in Australia by adding the GST at checkout. I pointed this out to ausdroid a while ago, but they didn’t want to take note of it (ie didn’t run with the story). I’ve also reported the issue to google, but they so far haven’t fixed the issue.

BTW most small cars are cheaper than a pie and coke at the footy! 

Buzz Moody

Looking into it now


I did some digging around for it for google (who in the end dismissed the issue from what i can tell) and NOT every app gets GST added, all the Shifty Jelly apps for example get GST added at checkout.

A quick way to confirm is from website click to buy the product and the GST is shown on checkout (don’t complete the checkout unless you want to pay for it). As I said not all apps are showing this issue.