It`s been a long wait but Telstra has announced that the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update is now available for the original Samsung Galaxy S, they haven`t updated their software update page yet but they assured me via twitter that it is indeed available. Just plug in your phone, connect to Kies and download the warm Gingerbready goodness, which includes the awesome power off animation(one of the best parts of Gingerbread IMHO). No word on which iteration (2.3.X) the update is so for those of you who update, let us know in the comments.

Source: Telstra Twitter.
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Erik Vanwijk27

Have been running this update for a few days now and my phone has auto powered off twice, which it has never done before! Anyone else having this problem?


I just updated through Kies, it’s 2.3.3.


I’ve been running Gingerbread for months via Darky ROM, but would consider going back to a Telstra original ROM if there’s a way to get Kies to make it download and install…

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William Ferguson

Wow, that’s slow. I’ve been running Gingerbread on my Galaxy S for many months now. Its a Singtel version from MobiCity (I’ve been using 3 as the carrier). The update was available via Kies more than 6 months ago.

One of the nice things about the update was that it clearly provides for OTA updates from now on. Which is good because Kies sucks.

Of much greater interest is if and when the Galaxy S devices get ICS.


I can’t believe people still wait on Telstra or any carrier for updates. Didn’t you buy android so you could just do it yourself?


Not that simple unfortunately.  Telstra run a rare version of the Galaxy S (it runs 850MHz WCDMA by preference over 2100MHz, with no 900MHz option) to that it works properly with NextG, and the standard 850/2100 modem files seem to preference 2100MHz in my experience.

Yes, I already run Gingerbread, but I had to struggle significantly with the phone to get NextG connectivity (I actually have 2100MHz disabled at present otherwise the phone uses it over 850MHz).


Shortly (as in 6 weeks) you won’t be having any of those 2100mhz network issues. Telstras deal with 3 ends and all access to the joint 2100mhz network will end, locking users out of the 2100mhz network.

So even if your phone likes 2100mhz there won’t be a network around for it, so it will logon to the 850mhz network aka nextg.

and before you cry bullsh!t, have a look at

Then click on EARLIER 3G (2100MHz) MOBILE DEVICES tab, all the info is there.


A little slow Telstra, don’t you think?


I prefer to have my phone a little behind the cutting edge but on a working network than a cutting edge firmware on the phone on a shitty (VodaFail/Optarse) network…

Tully Woo Waa

2.3.5 for the S2?  Well Telstra?


If it is anything like Gingerbread for the other Galaxy S variants, there is no power off animation…. Anyone confirm if Telstra has made them chuck this goodie in?