Google has given the website a complete makeover to make it look a little bit nicer for everyday consumers. In true Google fashion the website makes good use of HTML5-based animations on the screens of the generic looking Ice Cream Sandwich tablet and Galaxy Nexus. There is now a whole section based around what’s new in Ice Cream Sandwich for the average user along with what great apps are available on the Android Market and direct links to the Android Market web-store. There’s plenty more reading material there, so go check it out now!

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I’ve just visited the site using chrome and I must say I am disappointed.

On the Whats New page the text is not rendered properly.
In IE is fine.

You would thing Google could get one hand(Chrome) talking to the other(Android)

I really want to love all things google but things like this just leave a bitter taste in my mouth.


Buzz Moody

T’is working fine for me on Chrome 16.0.912.41 beta-m