MobiCity have told our own Daniel Tyson via Twitter that they’re expecting their first batch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock to be available on the 23rd of this month — this Wednesday — followed by a second batch on the 29th. If you preordered your Galaxy Nexus early from the folk at MobiCity you’ll receive yours in the first and second batches and new orders being fulfilled after the backlog of preorders has been dealt with.

The Galaxy Nexus is going for $799 which is on par with Kogan, however, MobiCity are throwing in 24 months of warranty to sweeten the deal. If you haven’t already put in an order for a Galaxy Nexus from somewhere, check out our guide of where you can get it from.

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Kogan have pushed there delivery date out to the 9th of December


so regreting going the kogan option


Me too. Had my hopes up for “likely a number of weeks before 28th Nov” Mobicity next time for me I think.

Raulan Grajewski

Are the phones being shipped directly from the UK to the buyers in Australia? Or are they being shipped from the UK to Mobicity in Brisbane and then to the people who pre-ordered?

When should we expect the phones to start being delivered? Obviously it varies on location.. 

Im just sooooo eager getting this phone in my hand!! LOL!


mobicity, mobileciti getting confusing

John Hammond

awesome. but i’m leaving my pre-order until there is word of a fix for that goddamn volume bug

Richard Frost

Jivemaster – What proof do you have to supply on warranty claims from Mobicity.. I have had no issues with Mobicity

Benny Ryan

Can’t wait, lets hope MobiCity’s batch doesn’t have the Volume issue!


Shame the mobicity warranty is pretty worthless. Better off getting from the UK and saving a buck or 50!

Denis Hoctor

What’s wrong with Mobicity¬†warranties?

Christopher Salmon

Hopefully Handtec in the UK is getting their stock on the 23rd too!

Steve Bastable

The model they have listed is 16GB storage… wasn’t there a 32GB model released too?

Buzz Moody

I don’t believe there has ever been a 32GB announced for HSPA+ so I don’t know where this rumour started. Verizon in the US are getting a 32GB version but it will be CDMA.