If you’re a user of a Sony Ericsson device you might be familiar with Sony Ericsson Sync. The service was an alternative to Google Sync that allowed you to sync your contacts to Sony Ericsson’s servers to ensure they were available across all your Sony Ericsson devices. Today Sony Ericsson have decided to pull the plug on their sync service in favour of Google’s. Google Sync is the default for Android devices that allows the same sync functionality as Sony Ericsson Sync, however, it includes Calendar sync and uses your default Google Account instead of the third-party Sony Ericsson one.

If you’re confused on how to get your current contacts synced over to Google Sync Services, Sony Ericsson have set up a help-site to ensure you’re not lost before the December 29th cut-off date.

Source: Sony Ericsson.
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SE sync never allowed me to sync so I’m not phased about this will be using googles