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Last time we heard from LG regarding Ice Cream Sandwich on their phones it was a bit of a mixed message with them first denying that the Optimus 2X would receive the update, then coming back to advise that it would actually get it. Now it looks like LG Italy via their Facebook page have again confirmed that the 2X will receive Ice Cream Sandwich and named the Optimus 3D and Optimus Black as also in line for the update :

Italian English Translation via Google Translate
LG conferma che l’aggiornamento al sistema operativo Android Ice Cream Sandwich sarà disponibile inizialmente per i seguenti smartphone di fascia alta lanciati quest’anno:

– Optimus Dual (2X)
– Optimus Black
– Optimus 3D

Stiamo continuando la valutazione di Ice Cream Sandwich per determinarne la compatibilità con le funzioni, caratteristiche e performance di altri smartphone LG, in modo da estendere la disponibilità del nuovo sistema operativo Android su più prodotti.

Nel corso di dicembre pubblicheremo la lista aggiornata con ulteriori modelli e le tempistiche dell’aggiornamento sulle fanpage ufficiali LG in the Box e LG Italia.

LG confirms that the update to the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich will be available initially for the following high-end smartphones launched this year:

– Optimus Dual (2X)
– Optimus Black
– Optimus 3D

We are continuing the assessment of Ice Cream Sandwich to determine compatibility with the features, functions and performance of other LG smartphone, in order to extend the availability of the new Android operating system on multiple products.

During the December post the updated list with additional models and the timing of the update on the official fanpage LG and LG in the Box Italy.

As stated above they`ll update in December with any additional models and the timing for the update to come out but the fact that LG are actually looking at pushing the update out to their phones is a good sign. Hopefully it`ll be a stock Ice Cream Sandwich update with no skin. We`ll keep an eye on this and advise when we receive any updates from LG.

Source: TheVergeLG Italy Facebook.
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    Grant Bridge

    I know a mate of mine has the LG Black but the manufacturer hasn’t updated it to Gingerbread yet! But does anyone know if that Gingerbread is a prerequisite for Icecream Sandwich?? Or they can skip it althogether providing the hardware is up for it?

    Julian Pinget

    if anyone is interested, there is a beta rom of ICS for the original Optimus