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Sony Ericsson has been working hard to improve their image in regards to software upgrades on their phones and seem to be doing pretty well. They recently advised they would be upgrading their entire 2011 Xperia lineup of phones to Ice Cream Sandwich, now we have an idea of when to expect this. In response to a question from a customer regarding when his Xperia Neo would get Ice Cream Sandwich, Maurizio De Palma the Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Italy has advised on their Facebook page that the udpate should be coming by March.

Hello David should arrive by March, including the latro’s only brand we will be updating throughout the range of 2011 while all our competitors will update only a few (such as Samsung will not update nor W, nor the Ace, or the mini etc. etc.)

Now of course this is when Sony can deliver the update, of course there may be delays due to unforseen circumstances and it will then have to be tested by carriers before being pushed out to phones but we have a rough estimate anyway.

Source: Sony Ericsson Italy FacebookPhandroid.
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Edward V.C. Jackson

There are also rumours floating around for an ICS release as early as January, *without* Sony’s OEM modifications… which isn’t as crazy as it sounds with the new ICS features (folders, favourites bar) matching the Xperia launcher.