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When the Galaxy Nexus was first released, owners found that Flash could not be found in the Android Market. Some people took the announcement that Adobe was stopping development of Flash for Mobile meant that it would not be coming to Ice Cream Sandwich at all, however Google and Adobe did advise that it was coming by the end of the year.

Now Adobe has updated their blog to advise that both Flash and Air will arrive on the Galaxy Nexus in December. What`s that I hear you say? ‘Just the Galaxy Nexus?’ Android Community actually posed that question to Adobe who then clarified that ‘the planned update will work with all upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich devices and upgrades, not just the Galaxy Nexus’. So if you`ve already received your Galaxy Nexus then Flash and Air will arrive in the Market to download soon.

Source: Adobe BlogAndroid Community.
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    Ian Tester

    Do not want!

    Seriously. I much prefer open, cross-platform HTML5 to proprietary Flash.

    Daniel Tyson

    Well it`s handy to have, the number of sites that still utilise Flash are diminishing but there are some still out there so it`s handy to have the choice, of course i`m hoping by this time next year when JellyBean(Android X.X) is released the need for Flash will be pretty much non-existent.

    Vijay Alapati

    not just releasing it…but also they must support it with fixing the bugs…..hope they will 

    Daniel Tyson

    They will support for bug fix and security updates but won`t develop Flash any further.