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Google have made the default Factory Images for the GSM Galaxy Nexus available for everyone to download. The Images allow you to flash your Galaxy Nexus back to factory settings after having any kind of crazy ROM installed on your device. Everything is included in the Images: bootloader, baseband and system image. It is noted that you also lock your bootloader after flashing back to the factory build using “fastboot oem lock”. More advanced details and the actual image in the source links.

Source: Factory Images [info]Galaxy Nexus Factory Images.
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Glad google are supporting the community now after releasing the volume bug fix and announcing flash support for the Galaxy Nexus I read about at http://www.mysamsunggalaxynexus.com

Jon Garrett

I’m tired of reading all your comments about the delayed release date.  iPhone users waited 6 months for the iPhone 4S and all they got was a few minor tweaks, a poor batter, echos and muted calls and insert SIM messages but do you hear any of them complaining? NO, so please STFU, the phone will be here when it gets here.


Been for months considering switching from iPhone to Android for the first time. Given the phantom release of the Nexus though, I might just be content with a 4S.

Jon Garrett

Phantom !!! you waited 6 months for the 4S which is essentially the iPhone 4 with a few minor tweaks.


No I own a 3GS. I said I might be content to upgrade to a 4S. I don’t know what you mean by 6 months.. There was hype for a while but the 4S was announced then released in 2-4 weeks. I feel fairly impartial to the companies. Android impresses me so I am thinking of making the switch, but really if a 16GB outright-only phone is the best they can manage before Christmas I’ll consider a 64GB 4S. What’s clear to me is Apple do a MUCH better job of product release. Samsung/Google have dithered for months and there’s… Read more »

Jon Garrett

Samsung and Google are not dithering as you put it. release dates are also up to the carriers.  and when I said 6 months for the iPhone 4S I’m referring to the fact apple was not ready to release an iPhone this summer and when they were, it was the same thing. delays.

Besides all that, you’re at the bottom of the planet. the US, Europe and certain Asian markets are priority.

Aaron De Vries

really wish Samsung/Google would get their act together, as said by others here its the logistics of the release that’s hurting themselves


Ditto that guy.

This release is a total joke. Supposed to be the flagship and nothing is happening!!!

Android will never challenge apple if this is the best on offer.

I jumped from iPhone to nexus s and was looking forward to the galaxy nexus. I’m now almost considering moving back to iPhone.

Sick of it.

That GUy

4 christ sake, Just release the THING ALREADY

Matt Booth

Thanks Buzz, this will be perfect for my Galaxy Nexus that I already own

Buzz Moody

No problems, Matt, I wrote this article just for you since you own a Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.