Looks like Google Employees are starting to receive an OTA update of the most delicious kind, the Ice Cream Sandwich kind. According to a couple of Tweets (which have now been deleted) from Adel Saoud (AdSense Policy Applications & Signals Developer at Google) he and other Google employees are receiving the OTA update on their Nexus S phones in order to test the update out to ensure it is ready for mainstream consumption.

As a Nexus owner one of the reasons I stick with Nexus handsets is that they receive updates first, so hopefully this is a sign my Nexus S will be receiving an OTA of Ice Cream Sandwich in the next couple of weeks. Anyone else waiting for official OTA of Ice Cream Sandwich or have you loaded up Koush`s ROM?

Source: Android Police.
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The only real problem I have with my Nexus S is the laggy web browser. If it fixes this then I will be very happy.

Jason Murray

I’m anxious to see how ICS performs on my Nexus S – if it’s a winner I might stick with it instead of going for a Galaxy Nexus.

Milty C

I would love too know if the ICS update will bring a performance boost to the nexus s. 

Currently i find the stock launcher laggy and unresponsive so im forced to use launcher pro. Also im not really happy with the general performance of the the nexus s. 


early benchmark test indicates improvement from GB to ICS, hardware acceleration is one.


Tried the Ics rom for the desire hd on my Inspire, OK but definitely not a daily driver. Don’t like my chances of getting a stock update anytime soon so I’ll be sticking with XDA 🙂

Luke Badger

Im using the ICS ROM on my sgs….. everything i need works on it….. cant wait for the real thing

Jake Oliver

Hifives all around for teamhacksung!


Has there been any further word on the ICS update for the Galaxy S II? Originally I heard it was sometime next year, then I believe I heard a rumour about it being in December some time…