Wondering what speeds you’d be getting from Telstra’s 4G network if you were to buy the Velocity 4G? Wonder no more, the results speak for themselves above. Our man, Matt, took this photo at the launch of the Velocity 4G tonight while checking how fast Telstra’s 4G network really is. The results came back with the astounding 32.82Mbps down and 11.2Mbps — those speeds are absolutely insane for a mobile device, or any device really.

Obviously speeds will change drastically depending on heaps of variables (network stress, weather, thermonuclear war) but the speeds pictured above sure do make 4G look all that more enticing — I think I’ll wait for future devices though.

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Anyone know if 4G improves coverage? My new house has 1-2 bars at most on next g, Would be nice if I had more reliable mobile coverage.

Im in inner city perth. Just a complete blackspot for all carriers but telstra getting a tiny bit of reception

Geoff Fieldew

Uploading pictures will be almost instantaneous at 11 Mbps. I like this!

Aussie Red Devil

Nice touch that there’s a Vodafone ad running on the speedtest app


poor timing for that vodaphone ad ūüėõ


Late to the game again.lol.


4G works in kalgoorlie and esperance


Buzz, you know if Telstras LTE will roll out nationwide like the HSPA+ service has. I live in a fairly remote area (Newman, WA) with only Telstra service, but would be good to have it out this way

Buzz Moody

I’m not 100% sure of what Telstra’s plans are for the roll-out. They haven’t really said where else they’ll be rolling out the network on 1800MHz. I would imagine that once the spectrum ¬†from analogue TV becomes available there will be a wider roll-out.

Dylan Xavier

spectrum from analog tv doesnt become availaible up untill the end of 2013. and its in the 700mhz band. 

You can expect telstra to spread their 1800mhz LTE network in the mean time. However there is a chance they wont use it for country. simply cuz its a the higher frequency and is not suited for the country. The only way they can deploy 1800 LTE in the country is if they deploy more BTS….which is not financially¬†feasible


Do they have enough spectrum for a complete metro roll out of LTE1800 though? The same question goes for Optus and Vodafone who should have their LTE1800 up and running soon.

Dylan Xavier

Of all the three carriers Vodafone has the most 1800 spectrum. This is partly because vodafone acquired Hutch’s 1800 spectrum that they never used and sat on.

Right now, vodafone is looking to roll out LTE on the hutch’s 1800 spectrum without touching their own. pretty good idea if you ask me.

Vodafone has (15+15) +hutch (15+15)Telstra has (15+15)Optus has (15+15)

But Telstra is tho only one with country 1800 spectrum as well.