Oh goodness, LG have expressed their interest in manufacturing the next Nexus device to Google. This surely can’t be good. Here’s what LG have said to CNET over in Barcelona.

“We’re heavily in discussions,” Ramchan Woo, head of LG’s smartphone division, told CNET in an interview. “We’re working on it.”

If you’re a regular listener to the Ausdroid Podcast you’ll understand our lack of enthusiasm. If you’re not, just take a look at LG’s track record of Android devices — they’re nearly all crap; even some of the carriers here don’t want to pick up their devices.

To give LG the benefit of the doubt (ughh..) it might be good for them to have Google stick their boot into them to lift their game for a Nexus device. Even if it’s just to get rid of their stupid custom Android overlay. What are your thoughts on LG making a Nexus device?

Source: CNET.
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I’m pretty sure i heard a while back that LG was making a nexus device for gingerbread but at the last moment they pulled out and samsung came in and made the nexus S with barely any time.
Which is why the nexus S is so similar to the galaxy S.

Mike D

As long as it’s not Samsung again I’ll be happy.


Considering the handsets LG unveiled at MWC which STILL are not shipping with ICS, I really hope that LG never get to do a Nexus.


Optimus 4X is ICS.


I count three ICS handsets.
L5, L7, 4XHD

As said – LG do great H/W just let down by poor software development – as a nexus device it’s the best of both worlds.


And they have 3 phones unveiled which do not ship with ICS, and only 2 of them are described as getting ICS, at some point. The 3D Max, and the Vu, ship with Gingerbread and are supposed to get an upgrade to ICS. The L3, no info on upgrade given.
The point I was getting at is simple: If LG won’t do the the current latest Android on all of their newest unveiled range, then why should they be doing the Android flagship phone, the Nexus?


The L3 is a basic low end handset which does not run ICS. Both the 3D Max and the Vu have ingrained customisation and changes to support the 3D functionality.  Drivers and application development would take some time to update. The 3D Max is a variation of the Optimus 3D – same chipset, more ram, better screen, slimmer body – it doesn’t look like a phone that was developed from scratch. The Vu is also already released in Korea – clearly being developed for some time – how many ICS handsets are on the market now? Regardless your point is… Read more »


Also your expectations for ALL handsets to run ICS is unrealistic.

Even samsung which announced Galaxy Beam still running 2.3 in Q2 (same launch time as 3D Max)
Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy Ace 2 etc all running 2.3 no ICS love there either.

Should Samsung be doing the next Nexus?


What you have forgotten, JC, is Google wanting to stop the market fragmentation of Android due to manufacturers persisting with using out of date versions of Android on newly released devices.
Why reward a manufacturer with getting them to do the next nexus, when they are guilty of maintaining the market fragmentation?

Geoff Fieldew

Yes, definitely. The Nexus Team will teach LG how to code for Android properly. LG are an Android partner that has invested significantly in the platform – they deserve the opportunity. I want a different OEM to have the same opportunity every year.


The last LG phone I had was a ‘Chocolate’ and have to admit I loved it at the time. Hopefully LG can do a good job if given the chance.


Great idea, I think it is high time that another company other than Samsung have a crack at creating the next nexus phone.


I think LG make great hardware too. I got a O2X and its ok since the gingerbread update and with launcher pro. Still needs a reboot once a week.

I hope LG put great specs into its nexus because apart from the hi res screen the the Samsung nexus phones are old tech are no as card, old cameras.

The only nexus I really wanted was the last HTC version.

unfunk Freeman

I had an Optimus 2X. It felt nice in the hands. The hardware was undeniably good. The software was completely atrocious. Even CyanogenMod or MIUI couldn’t fix it, thanks to binary blob drivers. With Google behind the software of an LG-made Nexus device though, it could actually be quite good.


LG’s hardware has actually been always good. They’ve got good displays and some very innovative technologies. It’s the software, the modifications, and the (lack of) updates that kills it. A Nexus won’t have any of these software problems, so I will actually be very interested in such a device. 


That’s obviously your personal opinion however I owned an Optimus 2X, which was a great phone, and my Wife had an Opitmus 3D. Both handsets were very good at the time.

The Optimus 4X seems pretty cool too.